Digital Journalism And Its Impact On Society

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Digital journalism, or rather known as online journalism too, is modernizing the way news is reported and delivered. The rise of the Internet has endlessly altered the way society interacts with news. Articles and stories are published the second they break and readers routinely access news sources for them. (Jim Hall, 2001) Digital journalism was not always a welcome incorporation to the academic curriculum or the news industry, but in today’s day and age many will agree that online journalism is a vital and durable platform for the global communications landscape and that it will have as noteworthy an influence on society as news from traditional mediums has done, such as newspapers, magazines, television, etc. (Kevin Kawamoto, 2003) With digital journalism advancing, how sure are we that the Internet is actually helping news agencies transmit their news more efficiently, giving opportunities to writers and editors to showcase their work on a broader horizon. Or is it just another platform for news agencies to earn big bucks? Critical political economists have argued that quality journalism costs a lot. That is also one of the key challenges to some forms of online journalism, the constant need to attract resources.
Jack Shafer, a media writer for Reuters, wrote a post on how online news has never really made money, and is unlikely to either. As the traditional news industry has struggled with the constant weakening of its conventional business and the surfacing of new…
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