Digital and Medical Imaging

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The “Cox” Maze
Dr. James Cox developed a procedure called the “Cox maze” in 1987, that has changed from the “cut and sew” surgical procedure, where there were several cuts made to create a maze, to a use of surgical ablation technology, where ablation lesions are put with different energy sources such as radiofrequency, cryothermy, microwave, and high-frequency ultrasound. Therefore, this course of action has evolved from a median sternotomy choice to one that can be done minimally, invasively, and robotically. (Henry, 2013)

NDS Surgical Imaging

The ability to correctly visualize the surgical site is needed in minimally invasive surgery (MIS). NDS Surgical Imaging can provide the most advanced and understood surgical imaging products that help single, multiple, or full modality imaging when being fully compliant for medical use in surgery. An imaging system that provides exceptional image quality, clarity, consistency, performance, and ergonomic design is NDSsi’s imaging. They override today’s surgical markets and they are considered industry standard for digital OR. NDSsi created and operated deep technologies that enable surgical and diagnostic imaging to be seen on the same HD (high definition) compliant visual systems. Advanced Imaging Processing (AIP), Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and related technologies allow more than one real-time video viewing, fluoroscopic, ultrasound, or vital sign imaging. These technologies offer surgeons and doctors capabilities as MIS

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