Diminished Self-concept and Value After Bullying Essay

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Child development, bullying
The weak, bully others….
If people throw stones at you take them up and build something According to well known psychologist Erik Erikson every child passes through various stages of development at the respective ages in their life for example infancy, early childhood, preschool, school age, adolescence his is constant for the fast majority; with few exceptions. These stages have adverse effects on these children; development itself is a hurdle that every child has to overcome as they mature into teens and young adults however this is predominantly not the only obstacles that they have to overcome. Bullying. Bullying may be defined as the activity of aggressive behavior intended to threaten, intimidate, …show more content…

Secondly popular aggressive bullies they often have a lot of followers and bully because of popularity and controlling everyone. Thirdly the relational bullies they are often very popular as well and decide who fit in and who is an outcast, they often start rumors and gossip. Fourthly serial bullies are those who seem normal to authority; because they are very calculated in their action so they never get catch in action, they often inflict a lot of emotional damage. Fifthly group bullies bully in groups only and act differently when they are alone. Sixthly are the indifferent bullies they lack empathy a bully others for the share fun of it and lastly there are the Cyber bullies who often bully others under the vial of the internet often social media networks (Gordon 2014). Bullying often has adverse effects “predominantly negative” on the person that are/or have been bullied. These effects include diminishing self concept and self value. Theoretically there are mixtures of selves. The self you think you are, the self others think you are, the self you want to be, the self others want you to be and the self you really are. All these selves are affected once you are bullied. How is this important? Whatever the mine believe is more likely to be preserved. If you are constantly bullied and pushed towards thinking of your worthless or don’t fit in; the odds of you achieving your full potential will be

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