Dior : A New Era Of Fashion And Beauty

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Christian Dior was founded on December 16, 1946 in Paris, France, by a couturier bearing the same name and backed by French fabric expert, Marcel Boussac. On February 12, 1947, Christian Dior presented his first collection to the world creating a new era of fashion and beauty. This collection was beyond expectations and amassed a following ranging from European Elite to Hollywood starlets (“Story of Dior”). In 1948, Dior established a luxury ready-to-wear house in New York City, the first of its kind, beginning the company’s international expansion. By 1949, Dior made up 75 percent of Paris fashion exports and five percent of all French export revenues (“Story of Dior”). During the 1950s, General Manager Jacques
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Dior generates revenues in five major geographic regions including: France, Europe, United States, Japan, and Asia (excluding Japan). It also manufacture products in France and, under licensing, in the United States, Canada, and Japan. The company operates through five business groups: Christian Dior Couture, Wines & Spirits, Fashion & Leather Goods, Perfumes, Cosmetics, and Watches & Jewelry (“Story of Dior”). Dior currently has 658 fully held companies, fourteen proportional held companies, 24 equity held companies, and over 117,000 employees (“Story of Dior”). It also have a direct presence in 73 countries throughout the world, which includes 29 European countries. The company’s products are sold through wholesale, retail distributors, company owned stores, or franchised outlets (“Christian Dior”).

Potential Growth Analysis
During my research of Christian Dior S. A. I was not able to find a vast amount of information on the company’s financials outside of their presented financial statements and the information presented on Mergent Online Database. During my search, I looked through ProQuest, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and New York Times without much avail. So, I projected Dior 's growth, as shown in Figures 1 and 2, through their profits and assets taken from the company’s financials found in Appendix 1. According to my findings, in the next four years the company will have negative
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