Direct Instruction As An Instructional Approach

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Direct Instruction is often associated with traditional lecture style teaching in the classroom and is most commonly used teaching method. Direct Instruction is an instructional approach that is teacher led either by lecture or demonstration and is structured and sequenced in nature (Hidden Curriculum, 2014). One of the fundamental characteristics of Direct Instruction is providing new material to the students’ by presenting the content into understandable and logical steps. Another characteristic of Direct Instruction is the review of previous lecture or assignment and the use of review to strengthen learning. Lastly, another characteristic of Direct Instruction is providing students’ with direct and independent practice, as well as providing advice with correctives from the instructor. During my time observing, most of the classes I observed focused heavily on direct instruction. I suppose this is due to that fact that there is a lot of material to cover in a short amount of time, therefore the teacher starts with direct instruction and then moves on to other instructional approaches. For example, during my observation of the beginning of new content on pedigrees, the teacher relied heavily on lecture with the use of a Power Point presentation on the Smartboard. Throughout the lecture, the teacher explained and illustrated the content and model the skills needed. During the lesson, the students were guided to take notes on required information. The teacher presented
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