The Direct Instruction Approach Essay

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Direct Instruction There are various instructional approaches but one that is widely employed by many teachers is the direct instruction approach. This is the classic teaching style that many people remember during K-12 grade school. The teacher would stand in front of the class lecturing while writing on the black board. That is why direct instruction is also known as “Chalk and Talk” (Evans, 2006). Direct instruction is not out of date and is still appropriate in many situations today. The following will discuss direct instruction and a few scenarios in which this teaching approach is appropriate.
Scenarios for Direct Instruction Application During safety meetings in a construction company, direct instruction would be
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Another area in which the direct instruction approach would be necessary is in a company budget meeting. The use of PowerPoint to display statistics to managers is an effective means to reflect sales numbers or profit and loss; PowerPoint is a tool often used in direct instructional approach (Evans, 2006). Printed materials and digital projectors may also be effective in this scenario. These various direct instruction tools assist in the learning process by providing managers with visual aids of an assortment of functions (Evans, 2006).
Direct Instruction in Distance Education As discussed above, direct instruction can be used in facilitating distant education. Course modules can be considered the lecture portion of the class room. This is the area where students go to simply to read and learn. This is also the area where information is crammed into a short lecture or reading material. Many online schools use visual aids such as pictures or videos to help students understand the information they are expected to learn. Direct instruction is more effective with the use of visual aids or videos and this is something that online schools use (Boleware, 2013). Direct instruction plays a major role in distance education but there does seem to be a mix of teaching approaches that are used within distant education schools or programs.
Direct Instruction in the Learning Society Direct
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