Disability And Disability

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The term bureaucracy means to rule by desks or offices. Bureaucrats implement government policy by putting laws and decisions made by elected individuals into action. Over time, many different people have defined the concept of disability in many different ways. This becomes a major issue when the definition of disability needs to be defined by the government, because of the laws and decisions the government makes based off of it. Something like the concept of disability being defined in a certain way affects the policies that the bureaucracies implement, so it is important to look at the history of disability and the several models one can use to analyze it, as it decided the fate of several people across the United States. Through historical, medical, and bureaucratic contexts, it can be seen how far the disabilities movement has come within law, and where it is heading in the future. The beginning of disability being encoded into law started with the Civil War. This first started with the making of the Civil War draft, which was brought about when both the North and South needed to recruit men to fight in the war. The draft was made first by creating a standard of normality, and an able-bodied soldier was the model for this standard. This later led to decisions that had to be made about who was able-bodied and how it was defined. Once the standard was created, men were evaluated compared to that standard, and were drafted if they fit (Class notes 9/7). This impacted

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