Disadvantages And Uses Of Snapchat

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Snapchat is defined as “A mobile messaging service from Snap Inc. that sends a photo or video to someone that lasts only up to 10 seconds before it disappears. During that time, the recipient can take a screenshot, and the sender is notified that it was taken(Yourdictionary.com).” People use snapchat through their smartphone, it is a social networking application that allows users to share photographs. “ Snapchat users often, referred to as snapchatters(Mazzei).” People often take selfies through snapchat which is “a photograph that a person takes of himself or herself, as with a cell phone for posting on social media (yourdictionary.com).” When people take a selfie on snapchat they can save it to their phone if they would like. Snapchat is unique because you can view a photograph for a few seconds before it disappears. “Snapchat also offers other features, including a chat feature and a stories feature. Snapchat rivals other social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter(Mazzei).” Snapchat has grown rapidly over the past few years, people like being able to communicate with friends or family and send pictures that disappear within a few seconds. Snapchat is popular, and widely used around the world. Snapchat hasn’t always had that name, “Snapchat was originally called picaboo (Mazzei).” Snapchat has caught, not only attention of users but, the attention of other social media apps. “Snapchat’s usage grew so quickly that in just two years, it caught the attention
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