Disadvantages Of Athletic Participation

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Review of Related Literature The focus of this chapter of related literature regarding an examination of the effects of athletic participation on student athletes. The discussion of this examination will be presented in the following order: (1) disadvantages and advantages of parental involvement; (2) disadvantages of athletic participation and (3) benefits of athletic participation. Disadvantages and Advantages of Parental Involvement There are several research studies that support the disadvantages and advantages of parental involvement in athletic participation. According to Hellstedt (1990), parents may create high levels of pressure, while under-involved parents do not provide enough support to facilitate a child’s desire to participate. But those parents who are moderately involved seem to provide just the right balance not only to facilitate enjoyment, but also to challenge the child to continue to grow and develop his/her skills (Hellstedt, 1990). Without support, especially financial and emotional, it would be very difficult for a child to be able to participate. However, the pressure felt from the parent who is over-involved could easily take out all the enjoyment of playing sports (Hellstedt, 1990). According to Donna Merkel (2013), the challenges faced by adults who are involved in youth sports, from parents, to coaches, to sports medicine providers, are multiple, complex, and varied across ethnic cultures, gender, communities, and socioeconomic levels. It

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