Disadvantages Of GMO

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The agriculture industry is the most important industry in the world. The agricultural industry is the most basic industry. Humankind has improved the agriculture for thousands of years. Scientists are researching the way to produce more food with a less natural source. The scientists found out that they can manipulate the plants’ genes. Which let the farmers to use less natural source and less time to grow the crops. This kind of organisms are called GMO (genetically modified organism). There are many advantages and disadvantages for growing GMO crops. There are a lot of arguments in the world on whether we should keep using GMO products or we ban GMO products. There are two articles arguing on the genetically modified organism. Jonathan Latham wrote an article named “GMO Dangers: Facts You Need to Know” which is claiming GMO products are dangerous, genetically manipulated plants are resisted to herbicide, and the purpose of the crops are for research only. On the other hand, Anthony Shelton and David Shaw wrote an article named “Green Genes: Sustainability Advantages of Herbicide Tolerant and Insect Resistant Crops” the authors of this article claim that genetically manipulated plants are not harmful, it is beneficial that the plants are resisted to herbicides, and the purpose of GMO is to foster more sustainable production system. Also, they believe GMO will bring many benefits.
The first argument is if GMO products are harmful to the environment and our body. Jonathan

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