Disadvantages Of Ikobo Card

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Here is a comparison of four of the main companies providing money transfer services around the globe:

Ikobo cards: This is a re-loadable prepaid visa debit card. It is in no way linked to your bank account meaning there is no need for any credit checks; very useful for those people with a bad credit rating. You can transfer money on to the card and then this can be withdrawn from any ATM anywhere in the world which has the Visa sign. To gain an Ikobo card you simply order one directly from them and have it sent to whom ever you want.

The Ikobo card works as follows: the card is sent via FEDEX to any individual in the world and can only be utilized by using the four digit pin code which only the recipient will be aware of. There is virtually …show more content…

Xoom Money Transfer: This service works through the following process online: enter the recipients contact information, enter the amount you wish to send, select a delivery method- money can be collected, hand delivered or entered into your bank, credit card or paypal account. Enter your payment details bank, credit card or paypal account details. Press send and then let your recipient know the money is on the way. You will then be issued with a Xoom tracking number.

Main Advantages: the transfer fees are more competitive than from other companies, online transactions and the ability to transfer direct into US bank accounts also make it a very attractive option.

Main Disadvantages: The main limitatation is that they do not operate in as many countries as do some of the other companies, for example no service is available to transfer money to Thailand a very popular destination for sending and receiving money.

Moneybookers: With this company again you are required to register but the web-site has been created with similar security levels as sites containing banking services and share trading

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