For Jetblue To Ensure They Are Within Hiring Practices

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For JetBlue to ensure they are within hiring practices they must abide by these three national employment laws. The first national law is known as the age discrimination in employment act of 1967. The purpose of this law is to protect individuals whose ages range from 40-65 years old from being discriminated against by employers due to their age. This law impacts JetBlue hiring practices by making JetBlue hire applicants of all age groups who meet the qualifications. The second national law is known as the title VII of the civil rights act of 1964. This law had the most effect in the hiring practices. This law makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate in firing, hiring, compensating, promoting and other conditions/privileges of…show more content…
The advantages are that it provides a broad coverage and it comes with a low cost to the company.
Internal recruitment methods include Job posting, Job Bidding, and employee referrals. One internal recruitment method that JetBlue used was Employee referrals. JetBlue figured that satisfied pilots would be a great source for recruiting their friends from competing airlines. The advantages of this method are that it could attract potential employees who are already aware of the company’s operations through word of mouth. The disadvantages are that the potential employee who was referred may not be as happy as the current employee once with the organization.

The interview process that was used in the JetBlue’s case was the Behavioral interview process. In this process, the interviewers look for a description of a past situation, what the candidate did about it and measurable results. The interviewers ask the candidates the same open-ended questions then the scores are scored on a scale. An advantage is that it helps determine if the person will be a good fit for the organization. The steps involved in the behavioral interview process is to ask a candidate about past incidents from a previous job that’s related to the current job that applicant has applied for. The goal of the behavioral interview process is to help predict the future behavior of a candidate. In the JetBlue’s case, pilots
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