Disadvantages Of In Vitro Meat

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World hunger is considered one of the global food crises and sadly more than more 850 million people in the world are suffering from it specially in developing countries. (Holt,2008,para.1).Some people assume that world hunger is still a grave problem because simply there is no enough food to feed everyone. However , scientists who have studied world hunger will tell you that the world produces more than enough food to feed everyone on the planet. But why there is still many people suffering from hunger? “A rise in the global human population at the rate of 75 million annually, paired with rising living standards in emerging economies are causing an increase in global food demand. This is particularly pertinent for animal protein, for which demand is expected to grow by 70 percent by the year 2050. In addition to traditional systems, the ever-increasing demand is currently met by a constant expansion in intensive and modern livestock production systems. However,
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