Disadvantages Of Jirga System

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2.4.3 Jirga System and its Types. Jirga is an assembly of tribal elders where disputes are taken for amicable settlement, and decisions are given on the basis of ‘Riwaj’ . There are three main types of jirgas i.e. sarkari jirga nominated by political agent to settle inter-tribal disputes, qaumi jirga formed by tribe itself to settle intra-tribal issues and shakhsi jirga requested by disputing individuals themselves. 2.4.4 FC (NWFP). When the British divided the tribal area into various agencies they raised a political police force; initially levies and later a potent force i.e. the Khyber Jezailchies in 1878 and Turi Militia in 1892. 2.4.5 Khassadars. Khassadari is centuries old system, which was refined and properly org by the British, mainly to bribe, benefit or give…show more content…
Frontier Constabulary is governed by the Frontier Constabulary Act of 1915 and its basic role is to guard the administrative border of NWFP and protect the people of settled districts from tribal lashkers. It is administratively controlled by SAFRON and operationally controlled by the province where Frontier constabulary is deployed for IS duties. It is budgeted by the Federal Government. 2.4.7 FATA Secretariat. FATA Secretariat was established in the Year 2000 concentrating all directorates of line departments, sections of P&D and finance department under one roof. The Federal Government, through SAFRON and Governor’s Secretariat, makes allocation of funds for the agencies which are utilised by FATA Secretariat. 2.4.8 Frontier Crime Regulations and System of Law Enforcement in FATA. Political administration maintains law and order in FATA through Frontier Crimes Regulations which is enforced by Frontier Corps and Khasadars, placed at the disposal of political agent . The Frontier Crime Regulations 1901 , excludes the technicalities of the ordinary law and recognized modern principles governing the dispensation of justice . 2.5 Legislative System of the Tribal

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