Research Paper On Peaky Blinders

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In the last five years there has been an enormous shift in the way television is consumed, largely due to the growing availability of content online. The internet has brought the power of what, when and where a program is consumed into the hands of the viewer (Pittman & Sheehan, 2015). This has caused a surge in both the amount, and the frequency of television consumed, leading to a growth of a viewing practice known as ‘binge-watching’ (Matrix, 2014; Pittman & Sheehan, 2015). Streaming services, such as Netflix, have helped to facilitate this change in consumption practices (Pittman & Sheehan, 2015). Netflix is an online streaming platform with a large variety of television programs and movies, which are made available to subscribers for a small monthly fee. Some of the content is exclusive to the streaming site, and others have originated elsewhere but are now available through the streaming service. Peaky Blinders is a show that falls into the latter category, having originally aired on BBC Two in the United Kingdom. The first three seasons of Peaky Blinders have recently been made available on Netflix. As shown in my media journal, this was how I consumed this program. While Peaky Blinders was not originally distributed as a program to binge-watch, it does meet several of the criteria which makes it a program ideal for this type of consumption. Peaky Blinders is a British crime drama about a Birmingham gang of the same name, set just after the First World War. Each

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