Disadvantages Of Persian Cat

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Queen Victoria was famously known for owning two of them, two blue Persian cats that made this particular cat breed popular in Great Britain and elsewhere. Of late, a Persian cat looms as the likely candidate for a planned space mission planned by Iran in 2020. Should it happen, it would follow the footsteps of dogs and monkey that were sent into space in the 1960s by the US and Russian space programs. Fancied by cat lovers because of its long silky hair, the Persian is a large to medium-sized cat with a well-balanced body and a calm outside demeanor. The Persian is also characterized by a huge and round head, small ears and a comparatively short tail. The first Persian cats may have been brought to Europe by the Romans and Phoenicians from …show more content…

It must be subjected to daily grooming to keep its luxuriant long hair and free from mats. Some owners resort to cutting the long hair, especially around the anus, to keep it free of cat …show more content…

These cats are part of the brachycephalic breeds whichhave unique head shapes inherited naturally at birth.This may cause the animal to have narrowed nostrils, overly long soft palates as well as small tracheas.Their owners should make it a point to check their cats for nasal obstructions and breathing problems. These problems will force the cats to inhale and exhale through their mouths or they may develop sinus infections.
Obesity, allergies, over-excitement and exercise are some of the causes of breathing problems in Persian cats which may lead to rapid breathing. Hot and humid weather aggravate these problems, which may result in excessive panting. Pet owners should seek the help of their veterinarians if their Persian cats are always sick or suffer from its physical characteristics. These cats may also be helped through surgery such as widening the nostrils, shortening an elongated palate and

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