Disappointing Frankenstein Movie After Reading the Book by Mary Shelley

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Do you ever enjoy a novel so much you think the movie will be mind-blowing with all the special effects bringing something to life; however after you saw it you were stunned about how much they left out of the novel with Hollywood putting their own crazy spin on the story? This is how I felt after enjoying reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, so much then watching the movie. Surprisingly it really disappointed me, which is sad because when most Americans think of Frankenstein they think of the movie version and not the novel, although you would think they would be similar, there were many differences as well as comparisons between the two. One character thats persona was changed dramatically was Elizabeth. Not only her physical …show more content…

Evidently a greater love story is portrayed in the movie rather than in the novel. Furthermore Elizabeth is shown to be more caring throughout the movie and less depressed. Once Elizabeth stopped receiving letters from Victor while he is in college she had begun to worry and knew something was wrong. So she went to him to see what had happened and to make sure he was alright. This was when Victor was so engrossed with the monster that it prioritized way above his relationship with Elizabeth. When Victor turned her away she went home yes, but she didn’t give up. Instead she returned to him once he had become sick and took care of him. In the novel none of this ever happened. Elizabeth stayed in Geneva and only continued to write letters to Victor, you really don’t hear much of Elizabeth for two years until that last letter is sent where Victor learned William was murdered and he returned home to comfort his family. Elizabeth was the one who found Williams dead body in the movie with Victor who was already home comforting her, she was shown crying and carrying William out of the woods. This is an example of how Elizabeth was characterized more caring throughout the movies, because she really did care for William and was quoted saying “But I loved him!” After Williams death they were all in mourning but they eventually got on with their lives. Indeed Elizabeth still cared for William in the novel, but she showed her grief in a different

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