Discrimination Against Lgbtq + Community

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The BSA have discriminated against LGBTQ+ individuals by denying and/or revoking memberships to individuals who have identified as LGBT despite the years of loyalty and service to the institution (Dale, 2013). In reviewing the Boys Scouts of America’s rules and regulations, it was found that the organization incorporated faith base teaching into scouting programs (Boys Scouts of America, 2016). It is possible that these faith based teachings are the ones that hinder the organization from allowing scouts to freely express their gender orientation and identity. At a macro level system, our current government and its representatives are clear illustrations of interests group supporting the problems faced by the LGBTQ+ community. They support …show more content…

Globally, Muslim countries and the culture itself reject and are hostile towards LGBTQ+; furthering the manifested issues that come along with this prejudice. Traditional Muslim culture is largely based on the teachings found in the religious book the Qur'an which speaks against sexual acts between men and suggests that those who do it should be killed (Akyol, 2015). As a result of this, Muslim/Islamic countries such as modern United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabian, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq and Iran ban homosexuality and sentence individuals found expressing their gay identity to the death penalty, corporal punishment and prison time (Akyol, 2015). Russian and its current President Vladimir Putin have attempted to further discriminate and stigmatized LGBTQ+ gender expression, identity and orientation. In 2013, Mr. Putin issued a gay propaganda law with the purpose of deterring the media, schools and any other entity from showing or providing any information that was consider to have homosexual content even if it was for educational purposes (Dewan, 2017)). With this, the country intended to allegedly stop children from learning information that can normalize or spread homosexuality as an attempt at keeping what they consider to be traditional Russian family values. A European court has recently ruled against the …show more content…

The hate, phobia and unacceptance of LGBTQ+ can also be found in Western countries in Latin American and the Caribbean. Jay’s family is from the Dominican Republic, a Caribbean island that, despite their many pro-LGBTQ+ advances have continued to struggle with fully accepting LGBTQ+ individuals. In their publication, Human Rights First explains how law 285-66 in Dominican Republic prohibits LGBTQ+ individuals from joining the police and military forces. Furthermore, they share that LGBTQ+ are constantly extorted by police, marginalized, verbally and emotionally maltreated and discriminated when seeking employment. This at times leads for some of them to result to sex work in order to meet their needs (Human Rights First, 2015). The anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment across so many cultures

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