Transphobia During The Holocaust

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During the holocaust, a large faction of people were subjected to horrible hardships that killed many, and scarred those that weren’t given the luxury of death. The Jewish were this faction; they were sent to ghettos and concentration camps, treated like animals, starved, and even burned alive. Similar events are going on today, though not quite to this extent. People are discriminated against for their skin color, sexuality, or gender by legislature, in the workplace, and in daily life. In “Experience of Career-Related Discrimination for Female-to-Male Transgender Persons: A Qualitative Study,” Franco Dispenza and his colleagues did a study on the different types of discrimination and their impact on female to male transgender men. The holocaust …show more content…

Microaggressions are one problem that ‘furthers’ this prejudice. As said in the study, “microaggressions were subtle and sometimes emotionally charged experiences that were encountered by the majority of the participants…” (Dispenza 71) Microaggressions are, as the word implies, small or subdued bouts of hostility. These microaggressions prove that violence against a minority, however small, is still ongoing. Moving on, another issue that spurs on transphobia is oppression from even inside the lgbt community itself. As also illustrated by the study, “Majority of participants described circumstances of being discriminated against by members of the LGB community because of their gender.” (Dispenza 72) This horizontal oppression, as they call it, is toxic. It relates to how nazis somewhat sacrificed jews because they were too scared to fight the ideology that the nazis perpetuated. The third problem is the fact of discrimination of housing for trans people, and its obvious ties to the holocaust. This type of discrimination is made clear in the study when they say, “A few of the participants reported difficulty with accessing or maintaining residential living facilities.” (Dispenza 74) If this isn’t an obvious example of inequity and favoritism, then one might never understand. This connects to the holocaust in an obvious way; the jews were put into ghettos, and …show more content…

Many toxic ideals plague the world: intolerance toward the gay community, bigotry focused on the trans community, and outright animosity toward POC. These same antagonisms were those experienced by the jews during the holocaust, meaning that learning both about and from this past is imperative. Hopefully some day people will be able to move past these divergent prejudices that have invaded their homes, and one might even say those same people are moving in the right direction by learning from a common

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