Discrimination Against Women In The Workplace

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Discrimination against woman in the workplace.
For years, there weren’t equal rights for women at work. Employers hired and gave promotions to men more than women just because they were men. In big companies around the world still to this day, a higher salary is pay to men with the same qualifications and job experience as a woman. Supposedly today there is a law prohibiting discrimination in the workplace based on gender. However, discrimination in the workplace still exists today.
Women are not a getting an opportunity to be promoted at the same rate as men in the workplace. Women at their profession are “finding themselves trapped in what’s called the marzipan layer in the corporation just below the senior management,” says Gray. The marzipan layer refers to how a woman is stuck under the highest-level in the corporation. “When a woman applies for a job she has excellent qualification and experience they will not hire the woman because the long-time clients will rather deal with a men employer than a female employer.” Another essential point that “Sex” clarifies is that women are not getting a fair chance to advance in the workplace. They are being fired from their jobs due to company cutbacks and reorganization while men in the same job and less sonority than the female are allow keep their job. “Sex” continues saying, “Women who worked in the company for several years receive exemplary reviews and an Employee of the Year Awards, yet when women applied for a

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