Discrimination And Discrimination

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The mistreatment of minority races is something that has been going in our country for far too long. You have to admit though, that it has gotten a whole lot better in the last two and a half centuries. This issue will probably never go away but there will always be people to stand for what’s right. It has been a long road to get where we are today in the sense of treating minority races correctly.
The minority race that has really stuck out through history and made their presence known are African Americans. They were enslaved for thousands of years before America was born, when we as white Americans then enslaved them as well when our country was born. Frederick Douglass, once said in one of his many speeches about slavery, “America is false to the past false to the present, and solemnly blinds herself to be false to future” (Douglass) which basically means that slavery was wrong in the past, present and will be in the future. This was a messed up time in America. Even though we were a fairly young country at the time of this speech and slavery was pretty much normal it was wrong and unjust to so many people other than slaves. Another thing that was pretty crazy was that whites didn’t see slaves as people they saw them as property, Douglass questions this later in the same speech saying, “Must I prove that the slave is a man?” (Douglass). The Civil War was fought over this issue and shortly after, slavery ended but this was only the beginning of a long road ahead
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