Discrimination And Prejudice And Discrimination Essay

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People can be can be prejudice or be discriminatory towards anyone for any reason. Prejudice and discrimination are two very different things, prejudice is the unfair feeling of dislike for a person or group because of their race, sex religion, etc. Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. It can occur anywhere, in the workplace, shops, restaurants, schools or just walking down the street. One of the most common forms of discrimination of gender. Gender is the behavioral, cultural, physiological traits typically associated with one 's sex. Gender is not necessarily the biological sex of the person, but the social construction of him/her. When discrimination occurs, there are consequences such as physical and emotional and social impacts, fines, penalties, lost in revenue, and litigation expenses. The history of gender discrimination dates back all the way to the 1800’s when people began to protest for the equality of women. The adventure for equality continued after the civil war and in 1869 the Wyoming territory passed a law which allowed women the right to vote and serve on a jury. In 1978 Congress considered a constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote, at that time the bill failed, however every year for 40 years it was revitalized. The woman 's suffrage movement was led by Susan B. Anthony who was arrested for voting in a presidential election, and

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