Discrimination In Basketball History

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The crowd screams. There are only a few seconds on the clock. There is a small chance of succeeding, but he does it. Everyone is cheering. The Minneapolis Lakers have just won three consecutive championships. But this is only one of the many memorable events took place in the long 124 years years of basketball history, going from the first televised basketball game to the start of the WNBA. For example, in 1936, basketball finally became an Olympic sport after 45 years of being invented. Also, in the same year, America defeated Canada to start their overall dominance of basketball in the Olympics. Can you imagine a world without basketball on T.V.? Well many people were fine with it until on February 28, 1940, the first televised basketball games in history were aired. The teams playing in those games were first Pittsburgh against Fordham, and Pittsburgh won 57-37. The second game aired that day was playing New York…show more content…
Well that is exactly how the Los Angeles Lakers after they annihilated the Atlanta Hawks on the seventeenth of January in 1972. The score ended up being 134 to 90 when the game ended, allowing them to celebrate such a large amount of winning.
Just like racial discrimination existing in basketball for 60 years, women weren’t allowed in the NBA at all because men thought that women weren’t good enough to play in the leagues. All of that changed on April 14, 1996, when women got so mad at the NBA that they made a whole new basketball association for them. It was called the Womens Nation Basketball Association, or the WNBA. There have been so many events that can take place in basketball, but only a few are the most memorable. Either it is the start of something famous or an event that stands out from all of the other events. No matter what happens in the game, there are still people who will remember
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