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The aim of the essay is to link sociology and the law and show how law and society are related and interdependent. INTRODUCTION Discrimination separates people instead of uniting them. Discrimination also hampers the self-confidence and affects the psychology of the person being discriminated against. Prejudice causes several changes in society .Even though these changes might not be intended .Discrimination is a threat to democracy, democracy is based on the idea of a society in which all individuals enjoy equal rights and treatment irrespective of their caste , gender, wealth etc. Democracy recognizes the equal worth of all citizens and has laws that help prevent discrimination in…show more content…
Prejudice could also exist in order to get approval from peers and to be accepted in a group for behaving in a discriminatory way towards someone from another group. Prejudice, discrimination, and violence against others is effected by times of economic difficulty when others come into the city to do jobs that the indigenous people would otherwise do. Prejudices normally are carried on after generations and such prejudice with histories are not easy for societies to get rid of. It could be the result of race, religion, disability, social status, upbringing, trying to maintain an advantage, for financial/material gain, prejudice, gender, looks, age, background etc. It is a right of every individual to be given equal protection against discrimination to ensure there is equality before the law. This right is a universal human right(Universal D eclaration on Human Rights) and its violation is not limited to a country in particular; discrimination in today’s world is everywhere. Prohibition of discrimination is also an essential element of national legal systems, as it seeks to eliminate arbitrariness in dec ision making, en hancing the in clusiveness and predictability o f decision making and thus the functioning of the legal system . From the societal point of view, th e protection of esp ecially national, ethnic and religious minorities is also a matter of national
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