Discuss The Pros And Cons Of Limiting Immigration

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The article talked about the pros and cons of limiting immigration into Britain. Through the controversial Brexit secession from the European Union, there has been a debate about limiting immigration. Currently there is a large ageing Britain population that will heavily influence the future of the economy. There is also a large industrial and scientific footprint in the economy. All of this can be tuned and swayed by the incoming immigrant population. The article discusses how by increasing the immigrant population will benefit public finances such as health care through an increase in tax payers. The increase in immigration will also result in a higher industrial workforce as well as access to foreign professionals in fields of research.…show more content…
The described industries and public finance organizations demand for immigrants to supply their business or public work with income. This also shows regulation from the government creating a law that prevents something for the good of the country that it governs. As well as Utilitarianism (government fostering an environment that prioritizes the well being of citizens by securing jobs) and Libertarianism (which prioritizes firms access to resources to maximize profit).

This event is very important because it can dramatically shape the economy of Britain if they decide to limit immigration. There can be a heavy change in its GDP as well a huge shift in where companies and firms are located and how they receive employees to make money. Some may have to move out and be located outside of Britain or accept the struggle of operating in Britain. This also effects many immigrants who are coming to receive work opportunities.

Overall my reaction is that the article isn't very biased and shares viewpoints of both sides of the matter. The author treated the subject matte fairly. The author could have included more aspects of how the economy will be effected in addition to labor
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