Discuss The Similarities And Differences Between The French Revolution And American Revolution

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The American revolution and the French Revolution are the two important events that changed the history of the human. Because of the similar backgrounds and the same time period, these two revolutions were both influenced by the Enlightenment, so many similarities can be found comparing the two revolutions. For,example, one of the reasons is that the old social systems or societies blocked the development of the economy and the capitalism However, different social structure and different conflicts had created many differences, one major difference is that the America revolution ended up with a stable republican nation while the French revolution ended up with a dictatorship, several dynasties, and chaos for nearly 80 years. One similarity …show more content…

The American revolution were caused by the preposterous taxes collection in the thirteen colonies. The American Revolution were started by the colonists, who were capitalists and owned businesses. The main reason was that the huge taxes and the monopolies of selling goods of the British companies like East India Companies had the selling right of tea in the colonies, had blocked the development of the local economy. The British government also collected taxes on the colonists’ daily goods like sugar, tea, published goods. These acts had caused the increasing of the colonist’s daily expenses. The tax-rising acts were given up because of the boycotts and the riots. Finally the Tea Act in 1773 and the Intolerable Acts in 1774 had directly lead to the revolution. Similarly, the French revolution were also caused by the fact that the old feudal social class …show more content…

The American revolution ended up with a republic nation that had extricated itself from the control of the Britain while the French revolution ended up with a dictatorship and nearly 80 years of chaos. The American revolution succeeded after nine years of warfare, Britain admitted the independence of the United States of America in 1783. The revolution had ended the colonial domination to the thirteen colonists by the British Empire. Even though the colonists included Thomas Jefferson had signed up The Declaration of Independence in July 4th, 1776, but the ideas of the separation of the three powers and the democracy is achieved after the warfare. It also effected the revolutions for the independence in the South America. In comparison, the French revolution didn’t have a good ending, even though the Bourbon Dynasty collapsed, the fighting between the left wing and the right wing never ended. The fighting between the left wing and right wing had killed many people. On November 9th,1799, Napoleon Bonaparte started the Coup of Brumaire, and he became a emperor in 1804. It was a irony that even though he was a dictator, he still spread the idea of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” around the Europe by having the war, but except Swiss land, there was no any other republics in Europe. After Napoleon failed the Bourbon Dynasty came back. In 1830, the July Revolution happened and the

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