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Discussion Overview This study explored the attitudes and experiences of dog owners who have had their dog neutered. Little research has explored owner attitudes and experiences of dog neutering, with the only Australian study of this nature being conducted over two decades ago.6 Moreover, most research on this topic has used quantitative methods where participants stated whether they agreed or disagreed with particular statements. An exception is the qualitative study of Downes et al4 which examined enabling and disabling factors in the decision of dog owners to neuter their pet.4 Regardless of research methodology, most studies have focused on factors that influence owners’ decision to, or not to, neuter their dog and the relationship of…show more content…
Previous literature has reported that owners consistently select neutering configurations that include administration of pain medication before, during and after the procedure over configurations that do not include pain control.12 Thus, while participants were concerned about cost, it is not a major factor in dog neutering, as pet welfare and wellbeing generally outweigh cost. It is interesting to contrast this finding with that of Stowe14 who found that veterinarians are concerned about cost and make a judgment that most pet owners cannot afford veterinary care or may not have the willingness or capacity to pay for the ‘best’ of care.14 Therefore, our findings suggest that veterinarians may underestimate client willingness to pay for veterinary treatment. Further research in this area is warranted. Comparison of male and female participant attitudes and experiences In this study, differences were found between participant gender regarding attitudes and experiences of having their dog neutered. A comparison of
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