Contemporary Attitudes

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Contemporary attitude to disability • Positive contemporary attitudes to people with disability. • Understanding and knowledge of disability and its impact on individuals. • Experience with supporting people with a disability to maximise participation in community. I continually demonstrate a highly positive and contemporary attitude towards people with disabilities, coupled with an advanced understanding and knowledge of disabilities and their broader impacts. During my career, I have provided service to a diverse array of individuals. Specifically, in my current role as an APS 4 Compliance Officer with Centrelink, I have been responsible for providing friendly, efficient service to a range of customers, including people with disabilities. In doing so, I have gained significant insight into the many challenges and impacts of disabilities, and therefore aim to display a contemporary, supportive, and respectful attitude. Moreover, I possess excellent interpersonal skills and a high degree of empathy, allowing me to easily relate to others, and help them to accomplish their goals. Such skills are highlighted by my qualifications, as I hold a certification in Human Skills and Critical Thinking from New Intelligence. Additionally, I am a highly skilled interviewer, with the proven ability to develop and maintain exceptional professional relationships. As an APS 5 Investigator, I conducted records of interview, as well as taking numerous witness statements. Given this, I can
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