Disease In The Roman Empire St Cyprian Analysis

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“St.Cyprian on Epidemic Disease in the Roman Empire” was written by St. Cyprian. In the source the argument is the plague epidemic is liberating Christians from the world filled with diseasing and pain. The author stated “The epidemic is a pestilence for the Jews and the pagans, but for the servant of God it’s a welcome event” . Many Christians weren’t afraid of the afterlife, they believed Christ will welcome them with open arms as a gift for their suffering. Those who follow Christ will have everlasting refreshment and protection. The source is questioning evil, and those who don’t believe God. For example, “It requires great loftiness to stand firm amidst the ruins of the human race, not to concede defeat with those who have no hope in God, but rather to rejoice and embrace the gift of the time” . The Christians during this time had to have a …show more content…

Arrian was glorifying Alexander of Macedon, by calling him fearless, brave, and powerful. In history books Alexander of Macedon was betrayed as strong and intelligent leader, never backing down from his troops. “He must base his criticism on a comprehensive view of his whole life and career” , even though he tried to many times to prove himself as a great leader people often doubted him and gossiped. From my reading Alexander was often talked about because of his leadership, drinking problems, and strong military enforcement. In his time most people respected Alexander as someone who was no afraid too own up to his mistakes. Most rulers during that time were the complete opposite, and refused to bow to that level of apologizing. Honesty carried him to be one of the greatest rulers of all time at a very young age. “He was the only one who had the nobility of heart to be sorry for his mistake” the quote is saying Alexander wasn’t like the other kings, when he made a mistake to took the blame and felt bad at

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