Dishonesty In Hamlet

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Act 2 Scene 2 the King and Queen of Denmark have invited old friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to the castle, equally concerned about the insane behavior Prince Hamlet has recently displayed. The two men are simply told to attempt to talk Hamlet out of his depression and are to be rewarded as they do so. After met with Hamlet – who is ecstatic to see his friends – they are questioned as to why they have randomly showed up, however Hamlet was already aware of the hoax and confronts them about it. This scene demonstrates that dramatic irony can allow the audience sympathizes with the protagonist, show how the characters develop and how the theme of the play develops as well.
Shakespeare creative mindset has allowed this play to thrive in all
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It contributes to one of the many themes in the play which is: that dishonesty can lead to tragic events. Hamlet has been putting up the charade that he has been going insane due to the loss of his father and although it may be true – individuals run mad after the loss of a loved one – Shakespeare shows a complete movement into the dark side with Hamlet. The theme of the play is followed up when Rosencrantz and Guildenstern go up to Prince Hamlet claiming they are here to see how he is doing. “I know the good King and Queen have sent for you,” (Act 2 Scene 2 Lines 303-304). Hamlet up fronts his old friends lies shaming them for what they have done, lie to him. This part was significant in the play because it shows the irony of Hamlet knowing their whole scheme before they even walked into the room. Making them seem like fools as they approach him and attempt to lie. The theme of the play does not develop into something new it just gets deeper within its own values, and in this case its value was the strength of…show more content…
Having the characters developed with certain aspects allow them to thrive at certain points in the play, allowing the audience to sympathize with them at certain situations. Also, it sets the dramatic irony to play out with a great deal of efficiency, allowing it to be quite effective to the characters development. Even more so, the theme of the play is accounted for as well, because without the dramatic irony made by the author and development of the character, the theme would seize to
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