Disney Channel Star Demi Lovato Essay

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In 2010, Disney Channel star Demi Lovato, age 18, began a hard journey of rehabilitation due to the eating disorder, bulimia nervosa, which causes one to binge eat and then purge because of poor body image. She has suffered since she was a child with bulimia nervosa because of heritability and social pressures. Demi’s mother and grandmother both suffered from bulimia, so it became Demi’s way of life. Not only was her eating disorder influenced by her genetics, but also because of the beauty pageants she participated in when she was younger. Eating disorders among celebrities aren’t out of the ordinary because of the constant fear of being removed from the public eye due to unsightly weight gain. They must hold up a certain image to stay “on top” and many believe they can’t without either remaining a constant weight or losing the excess. Teenagers are constantly bombarded with media on how to dress, how to act, and who to hang with to be considered “cool.” As stated by the Common Sense Census, the amount of time teenagers spend on some form of media is on average nine hours. More than half of the hours they are awake is spent consuming media, making them vulnerable to the ideas of the media. In recent years, the number of teenage girls that suffer from eating disorders has increased drastically due to this increase of media exposure, but it isn’t so much the amount of exposure as the kind of exposure. The question of how much influence media has on eating disorders

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