Disneyland Is The Most Successful Amusement Park

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Disneyland is the most successful amusement park in the world. Since the original park opened in 1955 more than a half billion people have visited the Disney theme parks worldwide, making it the most visited theme park in history. It is a symbol of global Americanization and cultural expansionism. American pop culture is prevalent all over the world and Disneyland is the perfect representation of this notion. Tourist from all over the world come to America and enjoy the Disney theme park experience and soon enough new Disneyland parks will be built around the world.
Tokyo Disneyland
Once Disney discovered the amount of Japanese tourist that visited the Disneyland parks in America, it was inevitable that the Disney Corporation would build a theme park overseas. In 1962, the Japanese company, Oriental Land Co. (OLC) approached Disney with the idea of building a theme park in Japan. The Walt Disney Company licensed Disney characters and other copyrighted material to Tokyo Disneyland; however, Oriental Land Co. owns and operates the amusement park.
Tokyo Disneyland was built on the reclaimed land in the Tokyo bay area and was predominantly designed after the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida. It was marketed that it was a 100% replica of the American Disneyland, which also encompassed selling only American food and Disney products inside the park. OLC’s objective was to create the feeling that visitors would be taking a foreign vacation by coming to their amusement

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