Disobedience In Democracy

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Will Gage
19 January 2017
Civil Disobedience in a Democracy
Civil disobedience is often not the most effective, safe, or the most viable option, but what happens if it is the only option. Should people be punished for speaking their voice and correcting an injustice against them even though it is illegal? According to harvard professor Johns Rawls most acts of true civil disobedience are morally justified. Although civil disobedience being illegal, it is morally justified in a democracy because it protects the legitimacy of a democracy, gets rid of unregulated unjust rule of majority, and sometimes is the only way for a group to be heard.
Civil disobedience in a democracy is often the only non-violent way for the minority …show more content…

This movement had countless acts of civil disobedience most notable was Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of the bus. On december 1 1955 Rosa was told to move to the black section of the bus from the middle section, which people of color were allowed to sit in as long as the white section wasn't full. Sadly on this day that circumstance came true and a white man told her to move to the colored section of the bus. She refused to move and the rest is history. This act of civil disobedience spread across the nation like wildfire. This act really showed the north and those who were not really around segregation and racism what some of the horrible things that were happening to these …show more content…

I do not deny that civil disobedience is not always the best moral answer but sometimes it is the only logical and moral answer because in an illegitimate democracy the law may not be on your side and therefore you must either attempt to forcefully change the law in an often bloody revolution or you can peacefully break it to draw attention to the wrongness of it and eventually bring about change. Civil disobedience is a politically motivated protest in which a law or regulation is breached without violence towards someone and the consequences are

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