Disorder of Donnie Darko, choose a movie with a main character that has a psychological disorder and give a full diagnosis.

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Donnie Darko is an almost confusing film about time travel, schizophrenia and the manipulation of one 's fate. The film focuses on a teenage schoolboy named Donnie Darko. Donnie is not mentally healthy but he is very intelligent and has extremely high Iowa test scores. He also has a tendency to hallucinate and do destructive things when sleepwalking, such as flooding his school and burning down a house, due to this he is on strong medication and sees a therapist on a regular basis. After a near death experience, Donnie starts seeing an imaginary friend known as Frank. Frank is a seven foot tall, demonic looking rabbit, who tells him about how the world is going to end and of the possibilities of time travel. Frank saved Donnie from this …show more content…

Donnie Darko 's behavior is very abnormal, he is not like anybody else in his environment. This can mostly be attributed to being a paranoid schizophrenic. Paranoid schizophrenia is one of the most damaging of all mental disorders. It causes it 's victims to lose touch with reality as Donnie does with his ideas of time travel. They often begin to hear, see, or feel things that aren 't really there, or hallucinations which Donnie often experiences. They also become convinced of things that

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