Dispute Between Japan And China Essay

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Terri Baptiste December 01, 2016 PSC 203-04 Dispute in the East China Seas Mr. President it’s been an ongoing territorial dispute between Japan and China over isolated islands and has been going on for decades but lately tensions have escalated. The problems that had manifested are the control for the maritime resources, the military balance of power in Asia. Also, we know the distrust between Japan and China because of activism, and the need for power. We should get involved because these are our allies and we don’t want china to take advance of japan because their military is more strong and advance. Rightful these islands belong to Japan because we took it from them as post during world war 2. China’s leaders are hoping to increase their military more in the east china seas. Because we are the united states of America will have to do something I think we should let these countries share these islands and to make sure one country don’t try to take control one the islands we send more navy sailors to sail the water to make sure these countries are comprosiming. We can’t let them work it out because we did that for years and the situation is getting worse, china military is advance rapidly and because japan changed their constitution, them spend more money on their self-defense force. We can’t sit back and do nothing so we should do something before their military forces get stronger. We already have troops in these islands because alongside with our allies
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