Disputes with the Native Americans from the Beginning

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Since the first arrival of colonists to America in 1607, disputes between the Native Americans and the colonist began arousing. In the years following the first arrival of the colonist, numerous outburst of war and treaties were made. Many of these treaties between the US and the natives were broken and by 1830, many Native American tribes found themselves being confined in reservations. During the second latter of the 19th century the US began to become industrialized and expand westward to fulfill the ultimate manifest destiny. The plains Indians, specifically found themselves begin affected by the various technologic developments and government action during the second half of the 19th century due to the completion of the trans continental railroad , gun invention, and broken treaties In order connect both East and West coast, the US passed the construction of the transcontinental rail road (1863), which would provide easier trade and transportation routes between the east and west coast. This railroad although not thought of at first would undeliberately pass through Plain Indian territory, which was no good for these plains Indians. With the railroad passing directly through plain Indian territory, it would immediately attract white settlement. Soon after an influx of these white settlers began settling in. These white men not only brought families, but as well as diseases something tremendously foreign to these Indians. Indian life was affected since they had no

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