Native Americans And The War On Natives

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Imagine living in one place your whole life, that place is the only place you know. Now imagine people you have never seen before come, kill your family, spread disease, and take the land for themselves. That is what happened to the Native Americans in the 1700’s and 1800’s. One of the most disrespectful and saddest times in American History was in the 1850’s with Westward Expansion and the war on Natives. During that time, there were many new cities being built in the East and the United States inevitably got too crowded in the East. Americans traveled west for more land and opportunity, but this is where most of the Indians were living at the time. Did the Native Americans have an aggressive nature, or did the Whites cause them to be hostile? The Whites greed almost caused the extinction of Native Americans and caused them to become hostile towards the Whites. With the Industrial Revolution going on, the world’s population was growing rapidly with all the new medicine, technology, and agriculture being invented. America seem especially appealing because the country was so young with many opportunities. With all the new immigrants, the adventure seekers traveled west in search of new experiences. This is called Westward Expansion. They found new plants, animals, and gold. Everything was perfect for the White men except one thing, the inhabitants of this wonderful land. The Natives were seen as dirty, and behind in technology. The Whites also wanted the land for themselves.

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