Disruptive Innovation Theory By Christensen

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Disruptive Innovation Theory by Christensen (1997) is one of the important practice of strategic technology innovation. Disruptive innovation has a main focus on development of organization capabilities, developing new markets for technologies. According to Clayton Christensen the man who coined the word, disruptive innovation is a process. He sees that the process became a mechanism through which technology and services are improved with long term surviving nature of organizations. Some examples of disruptive innovations include the calculators which are portable, LCD televisions which replaced cathode ray tube televisions, skype calls revolution in telecommunication in system, Transistor radios. Theory aroused various disparities both in business and academic. Authors like Christensen, 1997, Raynor 2003, Gillbert 2003, Govindarajan and Kopalle 2006 has stated the importance of Disruptive innovation. Various strategies are developed in understanding the theory of Disruptiveness. The main aim of the Literature review is to 1) Understand the concept of disruptive innovation, implementations, 2) Challenges and barriers faced to disrupt, 3) Managing and strategic ways how an organization should implement.
For surviving in the present complex market the need for innovating is a product or a product development plan is revolutionary. Innovation plays as a key role in sustainability and growth of a company in a long run. Innovation is evolution, development, and
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