Disruptive Students Place In Alternative Schools

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School can become tedious. Everyone can agree with that, yet students know they must endure the long days and heavy workloads to further their education and stay out of trouble. Those who refuse to behave have no concept of the consequences of their disorderly actions. These students continually disrupt classrooms and prohibit others from receiving a full education. In addition to being a distraction, they can also pose a threat to the safety of their classmates. Alternative schools are a logical solution. These correctional facilities are beneficial to not only the delinquent but also to the community because they help to produce a productive member of society. Disruptive students should be placed in alternative schools because it will allow…show more content…
For reasons unknown, some students simply cannot or choose not to behave during class. Caroleo opens her article, “An Examination of the Risks and Benefits of Alternative Education”, with the claim, “One size education does not fit for all children and youth” (35). It is true that blanket instruction does not work for most at-risk students. A specialized educational setting results in an increase in supervision and guidance. Specialized settings lower the possibility of frequent outbursts; therefore, placement into a smaller class would benefit the disruptive student. In most alternative classrooms, the student-teacher ratio is low. In a local alternative school hosted by New Brockton High School, the class roster rarely reaches above ten students. Smaller settings allow teachers the chance to minimize down time and focus on individuals. Increased one on one time allows students to find more productive outlets for their excess energy. In addition to being beneficial for the troublesome student, alternative schooling would allow other members of the class a productive environment in which to learn. Students’ outbursts are detrimental to not only the other students’ education but also the education of the delinquent as well. Placement into an alternative school will allow typical students to attend class uninterrupted and encourage the cause of distraction to focus on continuing their education. If the disruptive student is removed from the classroom, then it is likely that all students’ grades will flourish accordingly in the now positive
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