An Effective Behavior Management Approach Essay

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A student named Jamie refuses to do her work. She is constantly talking and interrupting the other students and makes no effort to participate in class. The teacher has to constantly reprimand the student and it is causing less learning due to the interruptions within the classroom. She seems somewhat clear of the rules and procedures in the classroom, but is not motivated to follow them.
Students all have their own personalities, which affects their actions within the classroom. Many times, a students’ behavior is caused by outside factors causing them to act out with disruptive behaviors and disciplinary issues. During these times, a teacher must have a behavior management approach to deter similar behaviors in the future. Many first time teachers are unable to handle dealing with the behaviors and leave their jobs making it all the more important to come up with an effective behavior management approach to curtail those worrisome behaviors before it gets to that point (Sugai, 2009). In an effort to thoroughly discuss an efficient behavior management approach, a common disciplinary problem within classroom and the foundation of the issue will be considered. A combination of approaches may be to needed to stop behavioral issues, such as providing motivation and establishing rules and procedures in a clear way will deter behavioral issues. Finally, an in-depth look at the steps needed in order to implement the approach into the classroom.
Discipline issues
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