Distracted Driving And Distracted Driving

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There are thousands of ads in today’s social media driven society. Each ad is directed to a different group of people with a different type of message. There are some not so serious ads for things such as food, shopping, or services. Then, there are some for more serious subjects such as bullying, safe driving, drug abuse, and many others, these are usually labeled as a public service announcement. The purpose of this paper is to look at a particular ad in depth and discuss the different aspects of it. Ads have more meaning behind them than people normally realize, so that is the goal of this paper.

In this particular ad by EKBURG.RU, it is focusing on the number of car accidents. More, specifically, car accidents involving children during the school holidays. In this ad, there is a man, woman, and baby in the backseat. The man is in the driver’s seat distracted
Distracted Driving: Think of Both Sides
Daniel. A. Ogunsanwo
Prince George’s Community College

Prof. Adam Robinson
September 16th 2017
ENG 1010

There are a huge number of advertisements in the present web-based social networking driven society. Every advertisement is coordinated to an alternate gathering of individuals with an alternate kind of message. There are some not all that genuine promotions for things, for example, nourishment, shopping, or administrations. At that point, there are some for more genuine subjects,

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