Distribution Channel Should Be Used For Our Department Store

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The department store this individual report is about is a UK brand which serves middle-class people and has 40 stores around the country. It has a large diversity of distribution channels and it has started using the “buy and collect” concept but has not been successful in all locations. For these reasons, it needs improvement of the distribution channels and customer insights in order to find out why the “buy and collect” concept has been working only in certain locations. This individual report will cover which type of distribution channel should be used for our department store and for what reason. It will include examples of successful brands using the same type of distribution channel and how they have achieved their success. Another thing needed for a good distribution channel are good intermediaries. In order to have a successful and well managed distribution channel, there is a need of a right type of intermediary for this particular department store. The second thing this individual report covers is the “buy and collect” concept, what it is and an example of a successful brand which has been using it. Improvement of customer insights is also essential. What a customer insight is and what different things can be done in order to improve it will be discovered. Knowing your customers is a significant part of a successful business because it helps you serve them best and find out why the “buy and collect” concept is being used only in some locations.

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