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ANZ Bank

After analysing the ANZ diversity policy, I have identified two key business objectives they are trying to pursue. The first being the ageing population within Australia and the second being an international expansion into Asian economies.

Ageing Population:

Statistics show that Australia has an increasing population of seniors from the age of 50 and over. It is estimated to increase to 57% of the customer population by 2021, making it a large and therefore important market segment for the business overall. With this in mind, ANZ have implemented strategies within their diversity policy that will enable them to better understand the ageing demographic and attend to their specific financial needs.

By integrating
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I truly believe they are doing a great job in creating a diverse workplace.

I believe that ANZ’s diversity policy is a good example of how a policy should be structured. It is easily laid out and the sub headings are easy to navigate through to find the desired information someone maybe looking for. It endevours to target a range of key issues that create a diverse workplace that coincides with organisational goals, and provides specific policies and measures that will enbable them to achieve these.

• Well structured with an easy flow througout navigation. This refers to the actual design of the website.
• Professionaly written and easy to understand.
• A continually evolving connection throughout the document. By this I mean that as you navigate through the policies, they naturally seem to coincide with one another, and the measures in place throughout. This can be related to the structure and flow (design of website too), but focussing on the evolvement of policies and measures as you continue to click through the document.
• Some very forward thinking policies and measures.
• A complete document with more than enough information for the general public to understand their goals and plans of action.
• Direct point of contact to Corporate Affairs, providing the general public with a name and address for mail enquiries as well as a direct phone number to this person. Also has a feedback email account and a link to general
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