Diversity And Public Administration By Harvey L. White And Rice

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In the book entitled, Diversity and Public Administration by Harvey L. White and Mitchell F. Rice , White and Rice (2010) stated challenges will form from changes in demographics which are affecting the demands of delivery and visions of products and services. Since 2000, minority population has increased dramatically. In result of minority population increasing, public organizations have a more diverse work environment. In the workplace, diversity can be a benefit. According to the article entitled , “Advantages and Disadvantages of Diversity in the Workplace” by David Ingram, Ingram(2015) stated that by have a diverse workplace allows the company to utilize their employees’ cultural difference to strengthen the organizations’ productivity. Another advantage of diverse workplace is that it increase employee’s personal growth. By employees being expose to cultural difference and new ideas, this allows employees to have global perspective on how to conduct business (Ingram,2015). Diversity can also have disadvantages in the workforce. One of the disadvantages is the ability of employees to respect each other cultural differences. Diverse workplace has to endure several challenges and issues. One of the challenges of organizations having diverse working environment is gerontology. Managers concerns with workers being older is that they do not have ability to learn and adjust to new policies and methods. In the public organizations, age is a challenge because
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