Diversity Consciousness Of The Us

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Diversity Consciousness of the US After reading the essay, “Deconstructing America” by Patrick J. Buchanan, he did not want people to understand that the U.S still accepts people from other nations, people in other countries. He thought the diversity, equality and democracy are the three things important for America to develop a great system. His point also lets me rethink that America tries to keep different groups to ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬-build a good community. However, I totally disagree with his main point because I think this country needs to have diversity to promote America to create balance, and rational. Some reasons and more why I disagree with his notion because all of the things American for, from the expansion, acceptance, and equality. The author said that due to the history of America in his essay as Jamestown, Virginia, and other Empire. It is superb to explore Buchanan’s view and it’s also one of the biggest issue to rethink nowadays. According to Buchanan, “If Jamestown and Virginia were not about democracy, equality, and diversity for the 350 years between 1607 and 1957, who invented this myth that America was always about democracy, equality, diversity? And what was their motive?”(596). Innovation and development helped America to become a strong nation based on 3 civilizations. If we try to replay history and listen to what Buchanan mentioned, he almost set a target to unite and assimilate of the country with belief. America needs racial equality, cultural
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