Diversity Scenarios

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Diversity is defined as the state or fact of being different or unalike. If that’s the case my interviewee and I could not be any more diverse, we differ in more than three dimensions. He is a 21 year old gay Caucasian male and I am 20 year old straight female Hispanic; his social class is upper-middle class and I am lower middle class. My interviewee’s race is a mixture of Ireland, Scotland, and Dutch, but he was raised in the DFW area going to a Baptist church. I on the other hand, am Mexican and grew up attending a Catholic church. We are alike in the sense that although we were raised going to a specific type of church, we have now steered to still believe in God but not with everything the religion/church itself says. The aspects of …show more content…

Since being out of there his eyes opened to how his friends have encountered discrimination based on their race. For instance, he got pulled over for a speeding ticket and his Hispanic friend did as well and although he got away with just a warning, his friend got a ticket and was treated more rudely. He does believe that being white has created advantages for him, but also realizes that Racism still exist even though he has never experienced it. He grew up experiencing the double standard in his family of guys being able to do things before girls because they were guys, for instance he was able to go out more and date way before his sister was. Another example of the double standard, is his sister and him were expected to wait till marriage to have sex and although he did not, his parent were not that upset as they would have been had his sister not waited. Education and going to school is something he views as just an experience and kind of a waste, because he thinks people with connections have more advantages. His view on work is that it is different for everyone, everyone wants something different and should not all be held to the same standard of accomplishment. The fact the women get paid less is something he does not agree with, even though he is a

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