Essay on Diversity...What Is That?

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What is diversity? Diversity is when you have a group of different races and cultures come together in one setting. I think that diversity is something that everyone should be introduced to at some point of his or her life. Diversity is a concept that has played a very important role in my life, especially growing up in a community that wasn’t very diverse and switching to a community that school system embraced diversity to the fullest. By having diversity introduced into my life though out my high school years I was able to expect change as an good thing and realize that race is a physical trait and doesn’t make you who you are, delvop an new thought process and new views and I was able to comfortably interact with people different from …show more content…

In class I wouldn’t participle in classroom discussions and when it came to group project I would always work by myself. One day in was in this English class my teacher had us write a paper but we had to write about another student inside the class and we had to choose whom we had to write about by we picking names out a hat. I had got this white girl named Jen Hicks. The next day before class I went to my teacher to see if I can change my partner for the writing assignment. She had asked why but I didn’t want to tell her but moments later I expressed my concerns on how I feel uncomfortable around Jen because she was different from me. My teacher said sit and told me that there is nothing wrong with being a little different and that diversity is something that this school embraces. She also went on to say that even though there is a physical difference between the two we might I a lot in common, so give it a chance. When class began I was we got together with our partners and began to collet information about each other. When Jen and I got together there was kind of and awkward silence in the beginning but she started off my telling me that her birthday was December 3, 1994 and that she like r&b and hip-hop and her favorite colors were yellow and green and so much more. This huge smile rushed across my

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