Diversity in Texas

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It is something that is hard to get away from especially when you live in the great state of Texas. One of the many reasons people come live at the state of Texas because they do will not pay for income tax. Which its okay because that is one of the many reasons Texas is very diverse. There are different types of diversity which include physical diversity, economic, and politics. First off, what is diversity? Diversity is when you have a lot of one thing, for example marbles, but they are not all the same. Some are big others are small, some have designs and others are plain. They are all marbles even when they do not look a like. You have a diverse collection of marbles. It is the same with people living in either big or small states. There is no state that is not diverse. They are however states that are more diverse than others. It depends on big or small the states is, whether the state is close to a boarder ore whether people are interested in the state. In Texas, diversity is huge. Their are many people from all over the world that end up in Texas. With so many people living here there is bound to be diversity. Physical diversity is what it sounds like its physical. It is how a person looks like. Their are many, many different ethnicities, cultures, races among many more categories that fit in diversity. Because there are so many different cultures in Texas, it is now open and welcome to new traditions and…
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