Diverty In Urban, Urban And Urban Poverty

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poverty are urban and rural poverty. Urban and rural are used to classify places all over the globe. Urban usually refers to cities and bigger towns. Whereas rural places are usually very small areas outside of urbanized cities. “According to the government definition, all areas that are not urban, suburban or metropolitan are by default classified as rural” (Stansell). With these types of places comes certain types of poverty and those would be urban and rural poverty. “In urban poverty, the urban poor deal with a complex aggregate of chronic and acute stressors (including crowding, violence, and noise) and are dependent on often-inadequate large-city services” (Jensen). It seems that people become subject to their surroundings and although they have better facilities than those in rural areas, there are usually too many people to access it fairly. “With rural poverty there are more single-guardian households, and families often have less access to services, support for disabilities, and quality education opportunities” (Jensen). In rural areas, the necessities needed to maintain a healthy and well-off life are usually further away than most people would like. These six types of poverty are relevant all over the world. Through people’s surroundings, family lives, and certain situations, many people are in poverty.
In poverty stricken areas, it is most common to blame the parents of the family. Most people usually do not notice is how the children of this situation are
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