Human Services During Contemporary America

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Picture This: coming home to place where there aren’t any lights, water and probably no meal for the day. According to Human Services in Contemporary America poverty is the main reason why many babies don’t make it to see adulthood and why clean water and sanitation are not provided. It is the underlying cause of reduced life expectancy, and disability. Poverty is a major contributor to malnutrition, stress, divorces of a family and abuse (Schmolling).
Many are at a disadvantage depending on where, how, and to whom they are born. In Cambodia, the babies that are born are more than likely to belong to a family that scavenges the streets to find items to sell just to survive. Meanwhile, in Sierra Leone, the chances that the child will make
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No one would want their child to grow up in poverty. Unfortunately, some circumstances such as ones place of birth cannot be avoided. There once was time when small towns represented the heart and soul of America. The residents of old-fashioned little communities prospered while living safely away from busy streets, violent crimes, and overcrowded schools. The belief of rural life painted a picture of picket fences and developed homes. Unfortunately, today living in small towns in America has changed a lot when it comes to poverty. There are many cities across the United States that are struggling to stay alive.
The United States is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Despite the high levels of affluence there are still millions of Americans that do not share this wealth. The deprivation of the basic necessities affects the quality of people’s lives. Unemployment comes in several forms and affects millions of people at any given time. People often find themselves out of a job because of the economy. Sometimes people have a job but the job that they are working is no longer thriving like they once was before.
When the recent level of high unemployment rate occurred there was a dramatic increase in the poverty rate. While the unemployment rate increased through 2009, the poverty rate in the United States continued to increase through 2010 (Schmolling). If one is lucky they are transferred from one job to another by they may be accustomed
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